Monster V12 plays second fiddle to the connected car

Dr Heinz-Jakob Neußer, member of the board of management for Volkswagen with responsibility for development outlined this view of the future of mobility and innovative technologies.

He sees digitalisation as the greatest challenge, because infotainment, assistance systems and networking have come to be at least as important to many customers as the engine performance. Neußer said: “The Golf R Touch concept car has everything on board that characterises the cockpit of the future: full connectivity thanks to the integration of apps, smartphones, tablets and smart watches, as well as large touchscreens and, last but not least, gesture control, which opens the sunroof at a wave of the hand.

“Over and above this, we are also pushing the envelope when it comes to automatic or piloted driving and are working on new business models and a range of digital services relating to our cars. So I am sure that the car of the future will continue to fascinate people just as much as it ever has.”

This focus on the connected car came after Volkswagen’s unveiling of a new monster engine in the shape of its new W12 TSI, which claims to be the most economical twelve-cylinder engine in the luxury car segment.

CO2 emissions of less than 250 g/km in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) from an engine boasting 608PS and a maximum torque of 900Nm, demonstrate how efficiency and performance can be combined. Depending on the vehicle model, the 6.0-litre twelve-cylinder engine delivers acceleration values of 0 to 62mph in less than four seconds and top speeds of more than 186mph.

Environmentally friendly mobility remains a key topic for the automotive industry. “Climate protection is an integral part of our responsibility towards people and society. Moreover, customers demand models with reduced consumption and lower emissions and politics also makes high demands on the automotive industry,”Neußer added. 

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