Mobileye launches the Mobileye C2-170

Mobileye launches the Mobileye C2-170

Developed specifically for aftermarket applications, the Mobileye C2-170 is a comprehensive, single-camera-based safety solution for accident prevention and mitigation.

Based on Mobileye's vehicle and lane detection technologies, the new three-in-one safety solution provides drivers with collision warnings in terms of vehicles ahead (both on highways and urban roads), unintended lane-departures and insufficient distance-keeping.

"In the next months, the Mobileye C2-170 will become Mobileye's aftermarket flagship product," said

According to Isaac Litman, Mobileye's vice president of sales & marketing, the C2-170 is the only aftermarket driver safety solution offering the three essential accident-prevention warnings in one unit, and it will become the company's aftermarket flagship product.

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