Mobile World Congress News: CSR's eGPS technology has arrived

Mobile World Congress News:  CSR's eGPS technology has arrived

CSR has successfully integrated GPS with cellular measurements to create eGPS® (enhanced GPS) technology capable of providing accurate position information on demand in all environments.

CSR's location technologies are now proven to provide significant power and performance improvements necessary for embedding into a mobile handset.

CEO Joep van Beurden commented that CSR has made significant steps on its roadmap towards adding high performance yet power-efficient eGPS to cellular phones at an additional cost of less than $1.

“Our patented eGPS technologies are ready to change the market for location technologies in mobile handsets,” he added.

CSR's patented eGPS techniques augment traditional GPS or A-GPS with cellular network measurements. Universal availability of location information, increased responsiveness and reduced power consumption make eGPS far more appropriate for use in mobile handsets when compared with current GPS technologies.

eGPS works globally, providing far more accurate position information than conventional cellular-based technologies and allowing carriers to support the fine time aiding critical to GPS performance in difficult environments without the need for expensive overhauls of unsynchronised GSM or W-CDMA network infrastructure.

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