Microsoft Virtual Earth and WaveMarket announce multi-year collaboration

Microsoft Virtual Earth and WaveMarket announce multi-year collaboration

Veriplace, WaveMarket's open location and privacy platform, is the first location aggregation platform in North America, offering third party developers live access to mobile users' location data.

The Veriplace platform empowers end users with rich privacy controls, ensuring that location data is never shared without a user's permission.

"Veriplace unlocks the huge potential of LBS for application developers because it provides a safe way for carriers to release location data," said Wavemarket's CEO Tasso Roumeliotis.

Already available on Sprint, the Veriplace Location Aggregation platform will soon offer location connectivity to a number of carriers globally.

In addition to enhancing the dynamic functionality of the Veriplace location platform for mobile developers interested in accessing location, this collaboration brings the latest Virtual Earth mapping technologies to WaveMarket's Family Locator commercial deployments. The WaveMarket Family Locator powers family-tracking solutions on Sprint Nextel, Alltel, Bell Mobility and other global tier one mobile carriers.

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