Managing Actual Volatile Demand in the Global Automotive Supply Chain

Sponsored Content’s latest Audio Interview features Egge Haak.  Mr. Haak is Managing Director of Netherlands-based Involvation, a leading consultancy and implementation firm that is focused on improving the supply chain and its management. They have teamed up with Netherlands-based Flostock on a series of Private Webinars on “Taming the Bullwhip” for the global automotive supply chain.


In the 13-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Haak discusses these questions:

  • What makes this crisis so special for automotive suppliers
  • What can we learn from the Credit Crisis of 2008/2009
  • This crisis has created a lot of firefighting in the supply chain. How can move to a more structural approach
  • Demand is so erratic or even non existing right now. Does forecasting still make sense?

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