Majority of Drivers Fear Autonomous Technology

The majority of drivers have a fear of autonomous technology and are not ready for the shared, autonomous mobility future being pushed on us.

This is the finding of a study, ‘Being Driven: A study on human adoption of autonomous vehicles’, which polled 3,000 adults in the UK for their feelings on autonomous vehicles and the shared ownership model, which is touted as replacing private vehicle ownership.

60% of those polled would prefer to have private ownership of their car, with autonomous features included, rather than sharing an autonomous car with others and paying monthly, while 75% are not fully comfortable about the autonomous future and how it will change car ownership and how we use our vehicles to get around.

Finally, the study also found that people do not trust current automotive OEMs to supply shared mobility services, indicating that maybe tech-oriented companies, such as Uber, Waymo, and Tesla, may be more favourable in the eyes of the UK public.

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