KORE Telematics and Intertek join to deliver CDMA device approval program

KORE Telematics and Intertek join to deliver CDMA device approval program

KORE Telematics and Intertek have signed a Master Service Agreement under which KORE will use Intertek exclusively for its ‘One-Stop’ CDMA Device Accreditation Service.

Created specifically to support KORE partners, the new service makes it easier and more cost effective to obtain CDMA network approval for cellular modems and routers, purpose-packaged M2M network devices and embedded wireless modules used in M2M applications on the KORE network.

According to BusinessWire the KORE and Intertek relationship further simplifies the approval of CDMA devices through Verizon’s ODI process. The test process is optimised for M2M devices and both companies are technically aligned to best service the needs of M2M solution developers.

By leveraging KORE’s specialised expertise in the M2M market and Intertek’s quality test resources and processes, the new service is ideally suited to address the uniqueness of M2M devices.

“Intertek sees the collaboration with KORE as a critical component in its expansion into the M2M device approval space,” said David Dennis, vice president of Intertek. “With KORE’s experience and input into the process, Intertek expects M2M customers to realise immediate benefits from the KORE ‘One-Stop’ CDMA Device Accreditation Service. Customers can focus on their primary business rather than allocating significant engineering resources to the task of approving CDMA devices.”

Fast device approval means a shorter path to revenue for applications developers. This provides significant value to partners looking to complete FCC and carrier requirements on time, and at lower cost. In addition to a faster time-to-market, the KORE Pre-Test services make it possible for developers with minimal device approval experience to reduce the cost and time investments associated with device approvals.

Alex Brisbourne, president & COO of KORE Telematics, said the partnership enables KORE to tear down the device approval barrier, making it easier, more efficient and more cost effective for its partners to receive CDMA device approval for use on the KORE Premier CDMA service.

"KORE and Intertek recognise the challenges customers face in obtaining the necessary approvals required for product launch," said Brisbourne. "To support our customers’ time-to-market demands, KORE will continue its progressive approach to removing the hurdles our customers face while continuing to deliver exceptional Tier-One GSM and CDMA connectivity on a single platform.”

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