Kit-Car Builders Offered ‘Turn-Key’ EV Powertrains

EV technology is turning its hand to kit cars with a UK company claiming to have developed a ‘turn-key’ powertrain.

Built by Swindon Powertrain, the system can be bought off the shelf ready to be plumbed into a vehicle. It claims compact dimensions, measuring 23.6 inches wide, 17.3 inches deep and 11 inches tall, and generates 107bhp – the highest power/volume ratio out of any EV system, claims the company.

It was originally used in the classic Mini the engineering firm converted to a BEV earlier this year but the company has begun marketing the system as a standalone unit after requests from customers.

However, the ‘conversion’ of classic cars has been a hotly debated topic, with a historic vehicle organization slamming what enthusiasts see as vandalism of surviving cars of the past by replacing original powertrains with modern electric drivetrains instead.

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