Jaguar Land Rover Developing in-Vehicle Anti-Sickness Tech

Jaguar Land Rover claims to be developing technology that can reduce car sickness.

The automaker says it has created an algorithm that assigns every passenger a “wellness score” using biometric sensors and “motion and dynamics data”, which it then uses to adjust their vehicle’s cabin and driving settings. It claims this process can make the passengers feel up to 60% less car sick. It says it developed this algorithm by collating data on motion sickness sufferers then tested the effects common precipitants like in-transit email-checking had on them.

Jaguar Land Rover claims this process has allowed it to create “a baseline driving style for self-driving vehicles to work towards”. It claims it has been able to do this because the algorithm minimizes “the need for steering corrections”. The automaker’s statement does not discuss what the algorithm does when confronted with passengers who have significantly differing wellness scores, nor does it discuss whether it is intended to be deployed more heavily across its autonomous or human-driven vehicles.

Jaguar Land Rover chief medical officer Dr Steve Iley claims the technology “can make travelling enjoyable, regardless of your susceptibility to motion sickness”.



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