Infrastructure Interactive Connected Car Comms System Launched

Infrastructure Interactive Connected Car Comms System Launched

A maker of traffic management software has launched a communication system allowing connected vehicles to interact with smart city road side units (RSUs).

The Traffic & Parking Control Company (TAPCO) has debuted the connected vehicle interface (CVI) at the Institute of Transportation Engineers’ (ITE) Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It claims the system provides drivers of connected cars with traffic information via 4G or 5G networks.

TAPCO hopes to integrate the CVI into various cities’ traffic management systems and then use vehicle data to gain “activation trends, status information and actionable insight into” all the connected cars using it.

TAPCO director of engineering and marketing Jon Zick said: “We decided now was the right time to ensure all TAPCO Intelligent Warning Systems have the capability to be connected vehicle-ready”.

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