Industry insight: Telematics, electric vehicles and the connected home

Telematics and eco-driving solutions

Jan Stojaspal explores how to get drivers to stick with eco-driving solutions

Telematics and the autonomous car

Susan Kuchinskas explores how advanced telematics can help speed the arrival of the autonomous car

Telematics and EVs: Things to do while charging

Susan Kuchinskas examines the potential for electric vehicle apps that offer drivers things to do—and ways to spend money—while charging

EV telematics: Is home energy management the next big thing?

Susan Kuchinskas looks at the telematics market potential for enabling EV owners to manage home energy use from their cars

Telematics, smartphones and the future of connected infotainment

Jan Stojaspal investigates how smartphones are starting to complement embedded telematics solutions

Telematics: Connecting the car to the home

Greg T. Spielberg reports on how telematics is helping create a connected home-car environment

Telematics and the socially networked car, Part II

Jerri-Lynn Scofield examines the business models that could make socially networked cars profitable and how regulatory issues might impact development

Telematics and the socially networked car

Jerri-Lynn Scofield explores how safety concerns and regulatory issues might affect demand for socially networked vehicles like the new Rinspeed BamBoo concept car

Telematics and smart grids: The business opportunity

Andrew Tolve reports on how telematics solutions can extend the benefits of smart grid technology to electric vehicles

Telematics and security: Protecting the connected car

As the number of connected cars increases, so will their vulnerability to hackers. Susan Kuchinskas reports on the underexploited market for telematics security measures

Executive viewpoints

Viewpoint: Telematics and the ‘car as a service’ model

Vincent Smyth, general manager EMEA, Flexera Software, on how the CaaS model can transform cars into platforms, increasing profitability and achieving business goals

Q&A: Telematics, EVs and the connected car

Brian H. Inouye, national manager technology and engineering in Toyota's Advanced Technology Department, on how telematics can power new connectivity solutions and business models for electric vehicles and hybrids

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