India: Key Customs and Tax Challenges Importing and Exporting Automotive Parts

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Krishna Barad.  Mr. Barad is Partner with the Indirect Tax practice of BDO India, with a special focus on Customs & International Trade. He has over 27 years of experience in Customs, Foreign Trade Policy, International Trade, Shipping & Logistics related matters.

In the 19-minute audio interview, Mr. Barad discusses these questions:

  • Can you provide a short overview of Indian Automotive Industry (such as provide key highlights, as well as what initiatives taken by Government to help the auto industry?)
  • Can you provide insights into Indian Customs Procedures & Challenges in Automotive Sector?
  • Can you discuss Digitalisation in customs – Ease of Doing Business Initiatives by Government of India, as well as any Regulatory requirements & changes by Government?
  • RE Electric Vehicles and India’s readiness for it – can you provide insights into Customs Compliances & Duty concessions etc.

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