Imarda signs US$10m deal with major US freight company

Imarda signs US$10m deal with major US freight company

Imarda CEO, Selwyn Pellett, says the US$10 million contract represents one of the largest single telematics deals this year, with the majority of the deployment to be completed over the next twelve months.

Pellett says the contract is the result of almost two years of work, during which time Imarda undertook an extensive development program, including proof of concept work, an initial pilot deployment and a full supplier audit of its design and manufacturing facilities.

Under the contract, Imarda will supply more than 12,000 WiFi, Bluetooth and PLC-enabled Prolificx V300 telematics devices and more than 40,000 electronic trailer ID tags. These trailer ID tags, developed specifically for this solution, are the world's smallest ID tags using existing Power Line Controller (PLC) protocols.

Deployment of the solution will be rolled out across the US over a ten-month period.

Used in conjunction with other technologies, will enable the company to capture and provide real-time vehicle information, which will help to significantly improve asset utilisation, compliance and driver safety, whilst reducing data transmission costs.

"It is not a ‘one-size-fits all' industry," says Pellett. "You need to show customers you are highly flexible and able to work with them to maximise their competitive advantage."

Pellett says Imarda intends to continue to develop its SmartTrack fleet management software and Prolificx products to meet the needs of industry visionaries across global transportation and logistics markets.

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