Hyundai to Develop Engine with DoE Funding

Hyundai to Develop Engine with DoE Funding

Hyundai America Technical Center has received funding from the US Department of Energy (DoE) to develop a mixed-mode gasoline engine.

The aim is for the car to be both more fuel-efficient and emit less carbon dioxide. The automaker will receive $4.95M in public funding. It claims its existing R&D on valve trains, and other areas for which the DoE has provided finance, will be incorporated into the project. Hyundai says it will use any engine designs that result from the project in its future engine-only and hybrid cars.

Hyundai America said the financing “represents the next step” toward achieving the company’s goal “of creating a cleaner environment through eco-friendly vehicles”. Its director of powertrain technologies, John Juriga, claimed it “signifies Hyundai’s commitment to advanced research technology and compression engines”. And Secretary of Energy Rick Perry claimed the mixed-mode gasoline engine would “improv[e] the affordability of transportation for American consumers and businesses”.

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