HUGHES Telematics first to implement next-gen telematics architecture

HUGHES Telematics first to implement next-gen telematics architecture

This Next Generation Telematics Architecture establishes an open telematics platform structure that allows for interconnectivity between multiple content providers, call centres and in-vehicle hardware platforms.

HUGHES developed its architecture around the vision and standards as established by the Next Generation Telematics Protocol (NGTP) working committee. The solution exemplifies NGTP's commitment to scalability and flexibility within the telematics industry.

HUGHES created an industry platform that allows automotive OEMs to custom-tailor content and features whilst maintaining maximum flexibility in hardware selection and the addition of future services. This enables users to remotely download new content, Internet applications and service updates via the HUGHES Telematics platform.

The protocol implemented by HUGHES supports multiple call centres, content providers and hardware suppliers. The Next Generation Telematics Architecture also supports various vehicle interfaces and data formats.

"The telematics industry continues to evolve as technology offerings mature and consumer expectations for the connected car grow," says Thilo Koslowski, vice president & lead automotive analyst at Gartner. "Next generation telematics offerings will leverage an open system approach to enable service differentiation, flexible content management and the creation of unique driver experiences."

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