How to Support Business Travelers and Employees In the New Normal

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Lynn Greenberg. Ms. Greenberg is the Founder and CEO of Pivt, the mobile app designed to reduce churn and improve the well-being of relocated and transient employees.  Previously, Lynn worked at Bloomberg LP in London and then as a Senior Associate at Autonomy Ventures, where she procured startup deal-flow, managed teams, and drove value creation for portfolio companies. She currently serves as the VP of Panels for the New York Venture Community (NYVC), and mentors/advises at Women in Business at Yeshiva University, Astia Angels, Next Gen GM, and London & Partners.


In the 11-minute Audio Interview, Ms. Greenberg discusses these questions:

  • What did your survey find to be the biggest challenge in being in a new city during COVID-19?
  • Your survey found that 63% of transferees surveyed had received a lump sum or self-handled their relocation. Why is this, and what are the negatives of this, especially through COVID?
  • What was the most staggering data you found from your survey?
  • What about expat spouses and their support and social network. Any survey data on this?
  • And her final thoughts.

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