Honda Claims AI Personal Assistant in BEV

Honda is claiming to have harnessed the power of AI for its in-car personal assistant voice controller in the BEV Honda e.

It claims the all electric urban car arriving at stores later this year will use an intuitive system powered by AI that boasts “unique contextual understanding to create natural conversations and provide access to a range of online services”. It also claims machine learning enables the technology to develop a greater understanding of an individual’s voice over time, helping it to deliver more accurate responses.

The car’s suite of in-built apps enable users to view social media, music and other internet services on the dual touchscreens. When the vehicle is parked, including when charging, occupants can also watch video content and access the internet on their own mobile devices using the Honda e’s Wi-Fi hotspot.

Owners can stay connected to their vehicle remotely through a smartphone application. This offers remote navigation to access charging functions, detailed vehicle status, climate control, security and location monitoring. Additional connectivity and EV-specific functions include battery charge control and range monitor, while charging station and navigation search results can be sent to the car from a mobile device.

The Honda e is also accessible using a digital key, allowing the car to be locked and unlocked via the app. Safety alerts can notify owners if the vehicle is moved outside of a set ‘geofence’ zone.

Kohei Hitomi, large project leader, Honda e, said: “Our objective for the Honda e was that the simple exterior style continues inside. The overall interior atmosphere combined with exceptional comfort, by using familiar materials such as wood grain and textured fabric, is reminiscent of a modern living room. In this modern, relaxing environment, occupants can effortlessly engage with advanced connected technology such as the camera mirror system and dual touchscreen display that is highly sophisticated, but incredibly easy to use.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_



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