GPS Insight launches next gen user-defined alerts

GPS Insight launches next gen user-defined alerts

The next generation alerts help customers react to unexpected situations with their fleet, as well as notify drivers of violations in real-time via SMS text message or email to their phone.

A combination of speeding, idling, long stop, landmark visit, and odd-hours/weekend usage may now be used to customise an exact alert for customers.

Practical uses of these new alerts include:

  • Alert when drivers are at home during working hours
  • Alert when excessive idling occurs except in known maintenance areas
  • Alert to driver when he is speeding within known construction areas
  • Alert for different speeds during different times of day
  • ‘Possible theft' alert to driver when his vehicle moves from his home at night

These enhanced alerts are in addition to vehicle maintenance reminders and engine diagnostic trouble codes which continue to function as they have in the past.

The first GPS Insight customer to use these alerts reduced total idling from 42% to 27% within two months.

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