Goodyear Providing Tires for AVs

Goodyear Providing Tires for AVs

Goodyear is to provide connected tires for Local Motors’ Olli eight-passenger autonomous shuttle vehicles.

The tire giant has been testing tires on a fleet of three Ollis. It says it will analyze the data collected from the trials to establish the “operational and maintenance” requirements of tires for driverless vehicles, including “future tire technology options”.

The University of Michigan’s Mcity Test Facility connected and autonomous vehicle proving ground will be among the testing locations used. Goodyear has previously studied sensor data from connected tires it supplied to three Sales-Lentz autonomous shuttle buses in Luxembourg.

Goodyear chief technology officer Chris Helsel claimed the collaboration with Local Motors represents “another mile marker on our journey to future mobility solutions. We learn through pilot programs with leading start-ups, transferring advanced vehicle and ride-sharing data into truly usable and connected information to improve operating performance”.



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