Global Strategies to Mitigate Supplier Price Increase Requests

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Jeoff Burris.  For over 17 years, Jeoff has been leading Advanced Purchasing Dynamics promote cost and collaboration into the manufacturing supply chain. Jeoff has always possessed deep passions for understanding and reducing costs, and leveraged these passions to lead his purchasing staffs at Ford, Metaldyne and Magna to successful records of substantially increased savings. His successes in purchasing led him to the executive boardroom as a Chief Procurement Officer and P&L Group General Manager. A proven global manager, he can be credited with establishing supply and running profitable facilities and joint ventures in India, Korea and Mexico.

In the 10-minute audio interview, Mr. Burris discusses these questions:

  • Jeoff, I think we can all agree the supply chain is very volatile right now with part shortages, people shortages and supplier price increase requests. Specifically for price increase requests, what are you seeing in the market today?
  • How does effective management of supplier price increase requests have a positive impact on the company?
  • What are the top 2-3 strategies that companies can use today for more effective management of supplier price increase requests?
  • What is the best way to track price increases requests so that when commodity prices recover your company is in a position to adjust pricing back downward?
  • And provides final comments.

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