GE Capital Fleet Services identifies $100 million in cost savings for customers in first quarter

GE Capital Fleet Services identifies $100 million in cost savings for customers in first quarter

“We’re focused on partnering closely with customers to help them manage their fleets as efficiently and effectively as possible,” said Mark Smith, strategic consulting services leader at GE Capital Fleet Services. “Most companies today are already operating with lean budgets, so the key is to develop and implement more effective fleet strategies that allow companies to increase compliance, manage spend and drive productivity.”

Some of the areas where the highest levels of savings were identified in the first quarter include:

  • Strategic fleet plan development: Implementing plans that take into account each aspect of the fleet and provide data on an individual and aggregate basis for high-level analysis.
  • Vehicle model-year planning: Optimising OEM and vehicle selection process in combination with total cost of ownership analysis
  • Technology optimisation: Deriving full benefit of technology solutions, such as telematics, that deliver near real-time access to fleet data and analysis including vehicle asset performance metrics, trend charts and customizable mapping.
  • Vehicle-replacement analysis: Determiningoptimal time to keep vehicles in fleet given applicable costs.
  • Lease options versus reimbursement programs: Moving from mileage reimbursement plans to company car programs.

“Business leaders are increasingly looking to GE as their strategic partner responsible for supporting critical business initiatives,” said Clarence Nunn, president of GE Capital Fleet Services. “From increasing productivity and optimising their fleet operations to driving green initiatives, we specialise in providing information, analysis, and fleet management services to help our customers achieve their business objectives.”

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