Ford Adopts what3words Navigation Solution

Ford has announced it will run the what3words navigation solution throughout its new car models.

The carmaker made the announcement at the 2019 Mobile World Congress committing it to a solution that is already trusted by emergency services and delivery firms around the world. The navigation system enables people to find places quickly and accurately with the power of just saying three words to the voice recognition infotainment system in both consumer and commercial vehicles.

This system will be integrated into Ford’s SYNC 3 on-board system employing what3words which has divided the entire planet into three-meter squares each defined by three words operated through a unique algorithm. With the new SYNC 3 AppLink integration, Ford drivers with the what3words iOS or Android app will be able to navigate a precise location, such as a specific entrance on an industrial estate or a meeting spot for a mountain bike ride in the country, by saying the three word address as a voice command.

For commercial users, Ford is also installing Sygic Truck Navigation helping vans and large trucks to avoid narrow roads or getting stuck beneath low bridges. The app offers offline 3D mapping aids navigation even in rural areas without mobile coverage; it can also take account of the larger dimensions common with commercial vehicles, such as a high-roof Ford Transit van towing a trailer, to help navigate around narrow roads and bridges; plus it includes configurations for camper vans and motorhomes, providing routing and custom points of interest including camping areas.

Don Butler, executive director, connected vehicle platform and product at Ford, said: “For commercial vehicle drivers working from a mobile office, on-the-go connectivity is now more important than ever. With the addition of what3words and Sygic Professional Navigation to the AppLink and wider SmartDeviceLink ecosystem, Ford is providing important new tools to help get the job done, enabling drivers to navigate to their destinations, wherever they may be, quickly, confidently and accurately.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_


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