Five-Times More Torque Claimed by EV Motor

A Texan engineering company claims to have increased electric motor torque performance by five-fold.

Linear Labs’ Hunstable Electric Turbine (HET)  also claims to be smaller and lighter than traditional electric motors and able to generate three times the power density and 10% more range than existing models. 

Instead of using either AC or DC motors employing magnets spinning to create an electric field, HET uses a ‘magnetic tunnel’. This has the same polarity on all sides so the magnetic flux produced travels in the same direction as the rotor. The system claims torque can be produced more efficiently leading to less power draw and longer range for the battery charge.

Linear Labs CEO Brad Hunstable told TU-Automotive“The HET motor is efficient even at low speeds, less than 3,000 rpm. As it produces high torque levels, OEMs can eliminate the gearbox and therefore shed weight, and reduce cost and complexity. It also eliminates the AC-to-DC converter, again reducing complexity, cost and weight.

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