EV Charging Network Promises 2.5M Spots by 2025

EV Charging Network Promises 2.5M Spots by 2025

An electric vehicle charging network plans to introduce 2.5M charging spots by 2025.

California’s ChargePoint made this announcement at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. The company claims the move will provide “the groundwork for a future fueling network that will support the significant global increase in electrified mobility” over the coming years. It also boasts that the initiative “will allow drivers to avoid nearly 2M tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions”. However, this ignores recent evidence that EVs can actually be as bad for the environment as vehicles running off internal combustion engines if they’re using incorrectly-sized batteries.

ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano said the company’s technology aims to allow “cleaner transportation … facilitating the transition to electric mobility, and supporting the Summit’s mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide”. Climate Group CEO Helen Clarkson said she thought “the number of chargers committed by ChargePoint will really go along way to support the continued growth of zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs)”.

If they come to fruition, ChargePoint says it hopes these new charging points “will support the forecasted [sic] 20M EVs that will be on the road in North America and Europe by 2025, driving a combined 384Bn electric miles per year”.

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