Europe News: Denmark and Greece in hot water with EC

Europe News:  Denmark and Greece in hot water with EC

The European Commission has taken legal action against Denmark for failing to comply with EU legislation on European electronic road tolling systems, and against Greece for failing to properly introduce the digital tachograph system.

The EU’s Directive on the interoperability of electronic road toll systems in the EC lays down the conditions to be met, and requires that, from January 1 2007, all new systems put in place use at least one of the existing technologies.

Denmark now has another three months to bring into force the laws necessary to comply with the European rules, failing which the Commission will refer the matter to the European Court of Justice

Currently, the different tolling technologies used across Europe are not compatible with each other. An operational European electronic toll system will allow hauliers to drive all over Europe with a single on board unit compatible with all European tolling systems, as opposed to several OBUs depending on the national tolling systems used in each region.

The Commission has also launched a court proceeding against Greece for failure to properly introduce the digital tachograph system.

Regulation 3821/85 requires that digital tachographs must be fitted into all goods vehicles and buses that come into scope of the Drivers' Hours Rules, and that are registered after May 1, 2006.

Greece has failed to take all the required measures. In particular, Greece had not yet established its national card issuing authority and system for producing and securely distributing the tachograph cards.

Greece is handicapping its own road transport companies, because they are not allowed to travel to other EU countries with vehicles registered after May 1, 2006.

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