‘Entry Level’ EVs Not Easing Consumer Concern

Consumers remain wary of buying EVs despite a plethora of ‘entry level’ models now on the market.

One recent study says price and range concerns are still the biggest hurdles the vehicles face in consumers’ minds. According to the survey by Autolist, more than 40% list these two issues as the reasons they would not buy an EV.

On the cheaper end of the EV spectrum, survey respondents did, however, generally know the range of a vehicle relative to price, meaning they understood how price influences the vehicle’s performance. When they were asked what the minimum range they would accept from a $35,000 EV, the most popular answer was between 250-300 miles – not far off some manufacturers’ claims.

However, when asked about a luxury EV costing more than $70,000, respondents had their expectations set much higher than currently achievable, with most saying the car should have more than 500 miles of range. Tesla’s longest range Model S claims just 370 miles in ideal conditions as the top EV range currently on the market.

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