Electronics Maker Developing Automotive Cyber-Security, AV Tech

Electronics Maker Developing Automotive Cyber-Security, AV Tech

A Chinese automotive electronics maker has chosen to base its development of cyber-security and autonomous vehicle technologies in Singapore.

Desay SV says it will use its existing Advanced Development (AD) unit in the city-state as its sole center for research and development of wireless multimedia communications (WMC), in-vehicle network (IVN), and cyber-physical system security (CSS) technologies. It says it will use its Singaporean-based Automotive Vehicle Technologies (AVT) unit as its sole base of research and development of technologies for Level 4 and “sentient” Level 5 AVs.

Desay says it plans to retrofit the Level 4 tech developed in Singapore into existing products it has developed for Level 2 autonomy, which it claims will allow those products to offer Level 4 autonomy. It says it will embark on a hiring spree of Singaporean-based scientists and engineers and forge R&D partnerships with local research organizations.

The move claims the support of Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB). EDB executive director of mobility Tan Kong Hwee boasted that it demonstrates how well the city-state’s mobility sector is developing, adding that he was looking forward to it being used by Desay for expansion into emerging markets.

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