Edantech’s library and testing tools for ACP245 now available

Edantech’s library and testing tools for ACP245 now available

The portable C library was implemented for both the embedded and the server side, and is successfully
running under OpenAT and Linux environments.

Initially selected by Effa Motors to provide an OEM solution for the new Brazilian vehicle anti-theft laws, in 2007 Edantech started it's telematics initiative with a project partly financed by a grant from the Uruguayan government via the FOCEM-MIEM program, in co-operation with Universidad ORT Uruguay.

Edantech now also provides products and engineering services to other automakers and tier-one suppliers.

Edantech understands the anti-theft regulation to be an opportunity to provide value-added telematics services to its customers, not merely to provide the minimum required by law in Brazil. The company therefore developed a GPS/GPRS vehicle gateway device based on Wavecom's WMP1x0 line of processors, protocol testing and validation tools, and a web platform for telematics services to comply with current Brazilian regulations but with enough flexibility to integrate with third-party components and to enhance its functionality.

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