DS Promises to be a BEV Brand by 2024

Premium Stellantis brand, DS Automobiles, is upping the ante in the industry’s headlong dash into BEV powertrains by promising to field only all-electric vehicles from 2024.

The automaker says electrification is a core part of its future strategy having already provided drivers with a range of electrified vehicles since the launch of the E-Tense range in 2019. It claims to have been the leading multi-energy brand in Europe last year with the lowest average CO2 emissions, at 83.1g/km, thanks to its electrified range making up 30% of registrations.

While it looks forward to a 100% electric future, the brand continues powertrain innovation with its involvement in Formula E circuit racing. The first premium manufacturer to take part in the series, DS Automobiles is the only brand to have won two consecutive Teams’ and Drivers’ titles so far in the FIA Championship.

It has already renewed its participation until 2026 and has begun the development of a new generation of more powerful and efficient single seater racer. The automaker is hoping these racing experiences will help with the ongoing work on its production road models.

Heralding its electric era in two years’ time will be a 100% electric version of the all-new DS 4. The brand will also unveil a new design, launching the first 100% electric program from Stellantis based on the new STLA Medium platform. Fitted with a high-capacity battery with up to 104kWh, the automaker claims the vehicle will enjoy a range of more than 400 miles.

Béatrice Foucher, CEO of DS Automobiles, said: “The car industry is experiencing a change whose breadth and speed are unprecedented. As a pioneer, DS Automobiles has anticipated this move, with electrification at the center of its strategy. The next developments in legislation and the EV ecosystem provide opportunities that we want to offer to our customers who already like our electrified range. I took the decision to speed up the development to create a new 100% electric art of travel, desirable in terms of enjoyment and remarkable in terms of quality and performance; a new art of travel, steadfastly high tech and still just as refined. It is a daring plan that will take shape from 2024.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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