deCarta extends navigation to the fleet market

deCarta extends navigation to the fleet market

WLNA Fleet Europe features a two-way communications interface that enables fleet tracking and mobile resource management (MRM) service providers to easily develop navigation systems with integrated dispatch and messaging capabilities.

deCarta's WLNA Fleet is a complete navigation application that can be branded and personalised to the operator's needs.

WLNA Fleet is designed to meet two primary objectives:

  • It allows OEMs, manufacturers, and fleet management operators to quickly develop a full-featured, customised turn-by-turn navigation application suitable for the enterprise environment.
  • It provides a messaging interface that integrates a messaging and dispatching platform with the navigation solution.

WLNA Fleet can be easily integrated by fleet solution providers into their existing fleet and dispatching solutions, and leverages their existing in-vehicle communications infrastructure to deliver messages and destinations to drivers.

Dispatchers can send multiple destinations to a driver who can then easily route to the destination via deCarta's WLNA navigation solution. deCarta's WLNA provides turn-by-turn navigation, driving directions, text-to-speech articulation of street names and POIs and voice prompted directions. Drivers can also respond to dispatcher's messages quickly and safely.

WLNA Fleet builds on the core functionality of the deCarta Navigation SDK, providing a complete user interface. WLNA Fleet is compatible with Windows CE 5.0 and Windows XP devices.

Just last month, deCarta launched its new European CNAV service, which offers dynamic content from ARC Europe for real-time traffic; RoadPilot for European safety camera data bases; Western European mobile connection with a standard low-cost data tariff from Jasper Wireless, and deCarta local search – NavSearch API – for finding businesses and services both on and near the user's route.

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