DB Systel collaborates on development of optiSMS

DB Systel collaborates on development of optiSMS

optiSMS is the first concrete result of an international research program aimed at defining a generic standard protocol to support data exchange between telematics servers and remote equipment.

It will enable train operators and infrastructure managers to source their IT systems from different suppliers, and will allow the suppliers to invest in developing further products around a high degree of compatibility.

A major driver behind the project is the liberalisation of the European rail freight market, which is forcing operators to take an international perspective.

The technical challenges to interoperability are well known: different traction power supplies, gauges, signalling systems and national regulations. The situation in the IT sector is less widely reported, but the lack of compatibility between national systems makes the tracking of cross-border movements either difficult or impossible.

While the development of the open telematics interface – Standard Message Structure (optiSMS) is only the first step in the process, it is a major step towards the evolution of open standards for railway telematics.

Railion Germany and T-Systems Enterprise Services have agreed to adopt the new open-standards messaging protocol for all future telematics applications.

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