Dash Navigation partners with Tellme and Dial Directions

Dash Navigation partners with Tellme and Dial Directions

Microsoft subsidiary, Tellme®, has announced that voice-activated local business search results from Microsoft Live Search can now be delivered directly to the Dash ExpressTM GPS device, and users will be guided to their destination via visual and spoken step-by-step directions.

Search results are sent through the Internet from Tellme's servers to Dash Navigation's servers, and Dash Navigation then sends the data through a wireless network to the individual Dash Express device.

Dial Directions has also launched a new service that turns any phone into a remote control for connected GPS devices and navigation services, enabling Dash users to send a destination to their navigation device via a voice call.

Dial Directions has also announced a partnership with deCarta to offer destination voice-entry as a new capability for the company's geospatial software platform for location-based services.

deCarta plans to integrate Dial Directions' voice recognition technology in the next generation of connected navigation services.

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