Cordic chooses Loquendo speech technologies in latest generation fleet management system

Cordic chooses Loquendo speech technologies in latest generation fleet management system

Cordic’s advanced taxi despatch system features an innovative IVR platform, which is powered by Loquendo ASR automatic speech recognition and Loquendo TTS synthetic speech technologies, and includes the industry’s first voice recognition feature for automated taxi bookings.

Cordic’s IVR platform and voice recognition capability enables regular customers to book jobs and check the progress of their bookings without having to wait to speak to an operator or tying up valuable staff. When a regular caller’s number is recognized, they are offered an immediate repeat pickup, which they can then accept or choose from a range of other options. Once the customer has booked a job, their personalized status is given back to the caller in one of Loquendo’s award winning, lifelike voices.

The Cordic IVR solution is highly configurable to meet the specific speech, prompt and response needs of the taxi or private hire company and offers 24/7 coverage. Every spoken message can be edited by the individual non-expert company user, and the overall result is a reliable, efficient, high quality and natural-sounding service that customers enjoy using.

“Cordic chose Loquendo technology for the reliability of its speech recognition and the quality of its human-like voices,” stated Fara Arani, Commercial Director of Cordic. “Cordic’s IVR solution can enable the automated handling of between 25% – 40% of a taxi company’s workload. And, our market leading voice recognition feature is the first to enable automated taxi bookings that comply with regulatory requirements set out by the Public Carriage Office in London”.

“Cordic is an industry leader and its cutting edge fleet management solutions represent a reliable way for enterprises in the taxi and courier industries to optimize operations and cut costs,” stated Rosanna Duce, VP International Sales at Loquendo. “Cordic’s expertise and innovation coupled with Loquendo’s speech excellence makes this a winning solution for today’s demanding markets”

Loquendo are sponsoring and speaking at Telematics Update's flagship show Telematics Detroit 2009.

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