Continental Brazil: “Telematics and multimedia is an amazing environment”

Continental Brazil: “Telematics and multimedia is an amazing environment”

What does your company do?

Continental is one of the strongest auto parts suppliers in the world. My department is responsible for infotainment and connectivity in Brazil and Argentina.

That entails telematics, radio, navigation, multimedia, connectivity and HMI solutions (Bluetooth, WiFi, etc…) for automotive applications.

What is your experience in the LATAM telematics market?

At the end of 2005, at Siemens VDO, we decided to invest in the telematics market, developing solutions for aftermarket applications based on the insurance market.

We captured around 30 percent market share and established a good business and important relationships with market players.

What partnerships are you currently forging in the LATAM space?

Telematics and multimedia is an amazing environment. You can find strategies and business models that make the different players win—service providers, BI solution providers, finance and insurance companies, governments, manufacturers, telecom companies, etc…

We are working with these entities to maximize the potential and the usage of telematics solutions. The implementation of the Contran 245 law is important for the market, but initially we want to see the government implementing the final infrastructure.

Market movements, independent of the legislation, are already very positive. (For more on the Contran 245 law, see Telematics in Brazil: The law of the market and Telematics in Brazil and LATAM: Going beyond GPS.)

Which trends will impact the emerging LATAM telematics industry the most in the coming years and why?

We see cost reductions in products and services and big players coming to our market. The first wave is the increase of basic telematics services; the second is add-on services and some safety-related solutions, all still using GPRS and EDGE.

The third wave, which is not too far off, is services based on higher speed solutions. Brazilian users like technology, and you can see the volume of social network users, mobile sales numbers, etc…

But we have to make it affordable. (For more on the LATAM telematics market, see Telematics in Brazil: Ensuring security for cars and cargo, Telematics in Latin America: Getting ready for infotainment and Telematics in Brazil: Is it for real this time?.)

How do you differentiate your offerings from your competitors?

We have a strong R&D team in Brazil, based on a strategic decision we took some years ago that allows us to develop customized solutions that fit the local market.

We capture market needs—the needs of Brazilian end users for specific local services as well as local business needs. Even the big players adapt their business models and profiles to the market needs. We can do it in an efficient way.

You are an integral part of our upcoming Telematics Brazil & LATAM 2011 event. What key issues will you be discussing with the industry at the show?

This is a new world, so I want to be sure that the participants and the market are able to understand even a small part of the potential services telematics can bring.

In addition to the services and benefits in the private area, this technology will help in terms of fair governance and also the environment, like eco-driving systems.

How important do you think this emerging market will be for the telematics industry in 2011 and beyond?

I am passionate about automotive technology. If the telematics market keeps this trend on top of Contran 245, we will have one of the strongest markets in the world.

We have already collected a lot of lessons learned over the past few years to support and help our colleagues in other countries. I am sure we can also learn a lot from other emerging countries.

Additionally, I believe that, in these fast-growing countries, applications of this technology bring short-term benefits for consumers and governments.

For more on the growth of telematics in Latin America, join the sector’s other key players at Telematics Brazil & LATAM 2011 on September 19-20 in Sao Paulo.


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