Consumers to use AI to ‘get a life’, says Continental

Continental has spelled out its vision of the future as one of an era when consumers will come to rely on AI to win back time for living, Paul Myles reports.

The “Vision 2030” was presented by Kurt Lehmann, corporate technology officer who is in charge of the corporation’s long-term technology strategy at its Suppliers of the Year awards in Berlin, Germany.

Lehmann predicts a global change in user behavior saying: “People will increasingly rely on the support of artificial intelligence in personal matters. Secure connectivity is becoming ever more important, not just for people but also for vehicles. This may also necessitate a paradigm shift. The car is losing its position as a status symbol, because time is the new status symbol.”

Continental hopes to cover off the changing auto mobility landscape employing its three main automotive divisions of Chassis & Safety, Powertrain and Interior. Experts from the three divisions explained to 550 award attendees the specific new platforms and products Continental is working on.

Günter Fella, head of purchasing summarized Continental’s goals: “Speed will be a crucial factor. We all need to learn to act more quickly and more flexibly while also improving our quality standards and financial conditions. Digitalization can help us with this by enabling data to be exchanged even more quickly and in even greater detail. We are operating in a highly volatile market with new market players, so we need to identify the areas of risks in our business environment and work quickly to define countermeasures before the risks occur. By working closely together, we will continue to succeed in the future as well.”


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