Consortium Deploys 5G Network for CAVs

Consortium Deploys 5G Network for CAVs

A consortium has deployed a 5G small cell network that aims to supply connectivity to connected and autonomous vehicles.

AutoAir, a 5G development consortium led by broadband provider Airspan Networks, demonstrated the network of 89 small cells it has been developing by delivering over one gigabit of capacity to a McLaren car travelling at 160 mph. Telemetry was supplied by the Formula 1 team’s Altas system.

AutoAir also used the network to demonstrate real-time video streaming between several passenger, public, and emergency services vehicles, each of which was equipped with four 4K cameras. The consortium claims the deployment at England’s Millbrook Proving Ground will enable “key 5G use cases for CAVs”.

Airspan Networks chief strategy officer Paul Senior dubbed the small cell network “one of the most ambitious 5G test beds and trial sites in the world” and claimed its deployment “enables a range of new CAV use cases to be explored”. However, the move comes at a time when the European Union is snubbing 5G in favor of ITS-G5 as a prescribed source of automotive connectivity.

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