Concept’s LiDAR Shows Fins Aren’t What They Used to Be!

Sportcar manufacturer Apex has published a sneak peek at its upcoming concept with the added detail that it LiDAR array is buried in a Formula One style roof fin.

While not showing the fin on the image, the AP-0 concept would benefit from better aerodynamics at extreme speed. We already know the car boasts lots of advanced technology including a virtual race track instructor to improve an owner’s lap times.

The concept to make its world debut at next week’s 2020 Geneva Motor Show boasts a structural aerodynamic fin, influenced by F1 and Le Mans race cars, housing its LIDAR sensor array that stretches to the rear of the car. Instead of a rear spoiler the car uses a flat floor and large rear diffuser so that airflow is channeled and accelerated underneath the car boosting downforce at speed.

The car’s design team was led by the UK’s Guy Colborne and the bodywork draws inspiration from oriental art, culture and heritage. We are told by Apex that, viewed from the front, the car assumes a dragon-like form, featuring sharp, jagged lines around the front grille and two piercing, ocular headlights.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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