Community input adds new content to Tele Atlas maps


Tele Atlas developed the latest release of MultiNet with 18,000 km of new road geometry added from GPS measurements to build out the road network of Romania.

The release highlights the first time that community input has been used to deliver such extensive new road network content.

The new Tele Atlas database also realises half a million edits sourced from community input from more than thirty countries across five features: one-way traffic flow identified via Map Share technology, one-way traffic flow detected by GPS measurements, the change of a crossing to a roundabout, road gradient measurements and new road geometry.

To update its maps, Tele Atlas captures and verifies changes from tens of thousands of global sources, ranging from government documents and public safety officials to construction companies and truck drivers, as well as satellite and aerial imagery.

By validating and adding contributions from individual drivers as an additional source, Tele Atlas is able to increase the total number of changes identified by its network, particularly in geographically dispersed and rural areas covered less frequently by other data sources.

Tele Atlas has been using community input for more than a year as part of its comprehensive database source and verification processes, and has incorporated real world GPS measurements from TomTom Map Share customers to deliver new and adjusted roads.

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