11th November 2019

Cars Need to Be Individual Cyber-Fortresses

Carmakers should make vehicles as individual cyber-fortresses and ditch the idea of trying to secure a whole network. That’s the opinion of Richard Hayton, chief technology officer from connected car security company Trustonic....


8th November 2019

DS Anti-Fatigue Monitoring to Boost Safety

DS Automobiles has pledged to bring in sophisticated driver fatigue monitoring technology ahead of European mandates due in 2022. The introduction of new laws passed earlier this year will...


29th October 2019

Hacking Risks In a ‘Smarter’ World

The very nature of the smart city presents an enormous security challenge that many experts worry is susceptible to cyber-attack. That’s because it’s a highly complex network of connected...


24th September 2019

Automakers Keeping Mum Over Cyber Hacks

Automotive hacks are coming – or so the warnings claim at virtually every auto industry event in the world. It is widely believed that cars must be secured from...

By Louis Bedigian

6th September 2019

JLR Teams Up With Blackberry for AI Powered Cars

Jaguar Land Rover is hoping to accelerate its deployment of AI features in its vehicles with an extension of its technological partnership with BlackBerry. While BlackBerry has been cooperating...


21st August 2019

Automotive Cyber Security Tested in the Skies

The team at Guardknox is composed of veterans of the Israeli Air Force and their goal is to bring aviation-grade cyber security to the automotive market.


7th August 2019

Why Carmakers Struggle to Attract Cyber-Security Talent

You don’t need to be a computer nerd or security wonk to realize that our world needs better defenses against cyber-attacks. Nearly every month, it seems, there is another...

By Eric Volkman


1st August 2019

Porsche Develops Facial Recognition Vehicle Access

Porsche has developed a facial recognition system for owners to access vehicles simply by approaching them. The carmaker teamed up with start-up Foghorn to create a smartphone app powered...


1st August 2019

US Fleets Warned Lives At Risk From Connected Cars Hack

Fleet managers are being warned of potentially fatal cyber-security risks of 2020 connected car models that could expose an entire fleet to a malicious hack. The warning was published...


10th July 2019

People Remain Biggest Cyber-Security Attack Surface, Says BlackBerry

Cyber-security fraud presents a major obstacle for automakers and mobility services considering an autonomous future. This was especially apparent when car2go, a car-sharing subsidiary of Daimler, was temporarily suspended...

By Louis Bedigian


3rd July 2019

Kia Recognizes Keyless Security Risk

Kia has recognized the risks of keyless car entry systems by offering UK consumers a free Faraday case with every car purchase. For the past few years, growing numbers...


26th June 2019

Regulus: Cyber Defense for Sensors

Sponsored Content At the recent EcoMotion Israel mobility event Regulus Cyber demonstrated how easily hackers can spoof a phone’s GPS with a cheap antenna and $100 device that can...