10th June 2016

Robot Taxi tries to change the face of personal mobility in Japan

Q: What were the key areas of focus in the vehicles’ validation tests? “The new aspects on this occasion were the participation of community residents as monitors, the participation...


31st May 2016

Weekly Brief: Uber finally finds its automaker partner in Toyota

You can only poke a sleeping bear for so long. First General Motors needled Uber with a $500M (£342M) investment in Lyft back in January. Then Apple jabbed the...


11th April 2016

Weekly Brief: PSA Peugeot Citroe?n and BMW deliver big week for car-sharing

There are many reasons not to buy a car — fuel costs, hellish traffic, high insurance, expensive tickets, pricy upkeep and lack of parking to name a few —...


11th March 2016

Carmakers must chase drivers who can bear to share

Whether you call it “car-sharing” or “communi-cars” one thing is guaranteed: American consumers, especially Millennials, are seeking alternatives to traditional car ownership. And, if your automotive company’s designers don’t...


16th November 2015

Weekly Brief: Banner week for nav apps headlined by Uber TomTom wedlock

In this week’s Brief: TomTom, Volkswagen of America, Apple, Uber, Daimler, Audi, BMW, Nokia HERE, Google Maps, Continental, eHorizon, SAP, EasyPark, ParkCloud, OPG Center-Parking, LUMINA, Four Seasons Residences, GM,...


16th October 2015

Ford takes a peek at ‘Uber’ car ownership

Ford is fulfilling a pledge it made at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to become a major mobility provider by piloting several schemes including one that could make...


2nd October 2015

Who wins the mobility race across one of the world’s busiest cities?

Just as the hare and tortoise each enjoyed special talents in their head-to-head competition, we decided to pit the varying advantages of three very different mobility solutions across England’s...


24th August 2015

Weekly Brief: Tesla and Airbnb launch home-charging-station partnership

In this week’s Brief: Tesla, Airbnb, Apple, The Guardian, BMW, DriveNow, British Arriva, European Commission, eVADER, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, GoMentum Station, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Garmin and Pioneer. ...


5th August 2015

Video: Car-sharing requires vehicles to suit the many

Don't miss Active Safety: ADAS to Autonomous this October 12-13


3rd July 2015

Weekly Brief: Uber acquires part of Microsoft Bing for better transportation networking

In this week’s Brief: Uber, Mini, Opel, Ford, Microsoft Bing, Nokia HERE, Amazon, London, Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Porsche, Garmin, Daimler Trucks North America, Zonar, Mitsubishi, Android Auto and...


12th June 2015

Bicycles blaze a trail for car-share schemes

There is no shortage of active car sharing schemes the world over, from car clubs like Zip Car, to free floating car sharing concepts such as DriveNow and Autolib’,...


26th May 2015

Ford rolls out GoDrive across London

Its GoDrive service claims to offer flexible, practical and affordable access to a fleet of cars for one-way journeys with easy parking throughout the city. The project started as...