Fleet Management

28th December 2022

Toyota Applies AI to its US Commercial Fleet Customers

Toyota has turned to an AI powered data specialist to offer commercial fleets in North America real-time insights aimed at making connected operations safer and cost-effective. CerebrumX Labs has...


21st October 2022

Video Telematic Solution for Dangerously Parked HGVs

Fleet managers concerned over heavy goods vehicles having to park in precarious locations are being offered a new solution combining telematics and video. Californian company Lytx has announced a...


9th June 2022

Commercial Driver Health App Launched at AutoTech Detroit

An app aimed at commercial drivers claims to offer a speedy health check for high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes suffers. The app, launched during AutoTech Detroit this week,...


10th March 2020

Verizon Launches AI Powered Dashcam Solution

An AI powered dashcam video recording is claiming a breakthrough is vehicle crash assessment for fleet manager. Verizon Connect has launched a smart video solution with features that it...


27th February 2020

Oxbotica Hopes for Connected Autonomous Fleet Breakthrough

The UK’s autonomous driving specialist Oxbotica is hoping to see a breakthrough in mass data handling to advance adoption of connected autonomous fleets. It plans to use connectivity provider...


10th January 2020

Future-Proofing Telematics in the Fleet World

Alphabet’s report, What moves Britain? finds that 73% of British workers believe their vehicles are essential for their daily commuting. Cars often freedom of choice of where to go,...

By Graham Jarvis

5th December 2019

Fleets Top Target For Cyber Attack

Motor freight transportation’s key role in the global supply chain makes it an attractive target for cyber-attacks. As attacks on the transportation industry increase, ransomware is a particular area...


26th November 2019

Making the Best Charge Into EV Fleet Management

As the transition to a low-carbon economy continues apace, organizations are turning to electric EVs and setting goals to reduce emissions and improve operational fleet efficiency. As a result,...

By Andrew Williams


25th November 2019

Fleet Drivers Like EVs But Won’t Buy Them

There is a large gap between fleet managers saying their drivers like driving EVs and consumers wanting to buy them, a survey has found. The AA’s Operational Fleet Insight Report 2019-20 found that while 57% of fleet managers...


18th July 2019

Can Freight Get Uber-ed in Russia?

The online cargo shipping market in Russia is roughly twice as big as that of online taxi booking. So, it’s no wonder that many are attempting to transfer the...

By Roma Nazarov


2nd May 2019

Drive Towards EV Trucks and Vans

Electric vehicles in fleets are peculiar beasts. Considerations of time and money become critical. Forget range anxiety: fleet operators must exactly understand the trade-offs and how a switch to...

By Susan Kuchinskas


6th March 2019

Telematics Sticks-and-Carrots Still Most Effective for Fleet Management

When it comes to facing up to the challenge of managing large fleets, a combination of a fragmented device landscape and a changing mix of drivers can pose significant...

By Andrew Williams