10 Aug 2018

Autonomous Vehicle Tech Won’t Threaten Trucking Jobs

The American Center for Mobility report found self-driving vehicle technology could be used to bolster the commercial trucking industry and would not threaten jobs.


08 Aug 2018

Connecting All Mobility Solutions in a Single IoT Hub

How future mobility service providers’ relationships could evolve, explored by Simmi Sinha. The innovation in digital technologies are transforming vehicles and how we interact with them, they are also...


06 Aug 2018

VW Teams with Waze to Rediscover Driving Fun

Just as many are predicting the terminal decline of driving-for-fun, arch disrupter Waze is partnering with Volkswagen’s range of hot-hatch GTIs to bring exciting drive routes to UK consumers,...


03 Aug 2018

Sweden’s Einride Has Robotic Trucks, but the System’s the Thing

Swedish startup Einride is looking to bring trucking to the next level with an all-electric, autonomous vehicle called the T-log.


01 Aug 2018

Waymo & Phoenix Look to Improve Public Transportation

Waymo's self-driving vehicles could help connect Phoenix residents with first- and last-mile transport services to public transportation networks within the city.


01 Aug 2018

Uber’s Self-Driving Car Woes Squeezed Out Its Trucks

With trying to focus on getting its autonomous cars back on the road following a fatal crash earlier this year, Uber needed to cut some programs, and the ax...


26 Jul 2018

Waymo’s Driverless Cars Will Take Some Shoppers to Walmart

As Waymo prepares its self-driving taxi fleet for later this year, the company is partnering with Walmart to offer rides to its stores.


25 Jul 2018

GM’s Maven Tries Letting Owners Share Their Cars

Trying to cash in on the car-sharing and ride-sharing trend, GM's Maven program will now allow car owners to rent out their vehicles in select cities.


19 Jul 2018

BMW Adds Ride-Hailing to ReachNow Car-Sharing App

In an attempt to bridge the gap between car-sharing and ride-hailing, BMW is offering some new services in select cities through its ReachNow app.


18 Jul 2018

Can HERE Mobility Be the One Transport App to Rule Them All?

From taxi dispatchers, to car rental companies, to bike sharing, Israeli startup HERE Mobility wants to be the one transportation app to rule them all. Liad Itzhak, HERE's senior...



10 Jul 2018

Uber Wants to Patent a Way to Calculate Ride Safety

A patent suggests Uber is looking for ways to enhance the customer experience by offering a layer of safety, but the company is taking a cautious approach.


09 Jul 2018

Baidu Churns Out Driverless Buses in China, Looks to Japan

China's Baidu is looking to expand its self-driving Apolong bus line both domestically, as well as overseas, with Japan as the next market for the company's autonomous technology.