14th March 2023

Lean Pickings for Automakers from Short-Term Rentals

No industry in the world is immune from fads and that includes the automobile industry. Earlier this century, short-term car leasing was one of those trends, an upstart segment...

By Eric Volkman


1st March 2023

Russian Government set to Grab All Taxi Consumer Data

A taxi law giving the Russian government a monopoly over consumer data was passed in December 2022 and is aimed at Russian providers’ many problems such as illegal trips,...

By Roma Nazarov


28th December 2022

From Software-as-a-Service to Vehicle-as-a-Digital-Service

For quite a while there have been concepts such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and now with the increasing digitalization and connected automation of the automotive experience, a new paradigm has...

By Graham Jarvis


28th December 2022

Toyota Applies AI to its US Commercial Fleet Customers

Toyota has turned to an AI powered data specialist to offer commercial fleets in North America real-time insights aimed at making connected operations safer and cost-effective. CerebrumX Labs has...


14th November 2022

Europeans Want City Parking Turned into Green Spaces, Says Lynk & Co

Mobility provider Lynk & Co is calling for city mobility to be “reimagined” following a survey suggesting most Europeans want few vehicles and more open spaces in their cities....


8th November 2022

Challenges of Regulating an On-Demand Mobility Service

In February of this year, the European Commission announced several initiatives regarding the regulation of mobility services. It adopted a guidance notice for national and local authorities that clarifies...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz


1st November 2022

Prerequisites to Having On-Demand Mobility

In October, The Routing Company (TRC) announced the launch of Pingo Journey, which offers users on-demand transit and end-to-end journey planning in one app. It delivers Google Maps functionality...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz


21st October 2022

Video Telematic Solution for Dangerously Parked HGVs

Fleet managers concerned over heavy goods vehicles having to park in precarious locations are being offered a new solution combining telematics and video. Californian company Lytx has announced a...


5th October 2022

Employee-Driven Rideshare Powered by Telematics

Telematics may have taken something of a back seat in terms of passenger car technology lately but it is still the driving power for one mobility provider’s growth plans....


1st September 2022

Volvo Readies Car-Share Service for Europe Roll-Out

Following trials in Sweden, Volvo is formalizing its car-sharing service into a standalone provider company before a further roll-out in Europe. So far, its Swedish offering has seen 250,000...


18th August 2022

Car-Sharing’s History of Failed Ambitions

The purchase of the carsharing service Share Now by the carmaker Stellantis, announced in May, put an end to a 14-year mobility saga that had as many twists and...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz

5th August 2022

Automakers Buy into Car Subscription Service Model

Of the various types of mobility services that are currently being offered as alternatives to or as new models of car ownership – e.g., ride-sharing, car-sharing – car subscription...

By Siefried Mortkowitz