23rd November 2022

Software is the Cost Effective Branding Tool, Stellantis

While BEV powertrains and increasingly modular vehicle production challenge the automaker’s ability to differentiate its products, software could hold the answer. That’s the opinion of Stellantis’s chief software officer,...


15th November 2022

Digital Giants Battle for the Dashboard

Humans aren’t the only passengers accompanying us in our cars. In fact, there are more constant companions that come along with us for almost every ride – our smartphones....

By Eric Volkman


19th October 2022

Smartphone’s Affect on Future Infotainment

In 2011, Toyota President Akio Toyoda famously said his company would be producing cars that were smartphones on wheels. Since then, this analogy has been repeated by several auto...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz

11th October 2022

BMW Brings Gaming into Next Year’s Models

BMW plans to bring online gaming capabilities into its vehicles’ cabins to keep passengers entertained, presumably, to help drivers concentrate in silence? The automaker has teamed up with AirConsole...


5th September 2022

Hyundai to Roll Out TomTom Level Two Offering in Europe

Hyundai Motor Group has signed up mapping provider TomTom to power all the navigation systems in its future European vehicle line-up. Already seen in the group’s premium Genesis brand,...


4th August 2022

AMD and ECARX Plan EV Cockpit Experience

Computer processor giant AMD is teaming up with automotive tech company ECARX to develop a digital cockpit specifically for EVs. The companies will work together on an in-vehicle computing...


4th August 2022

Automakers in the Driving Seat with In-Car eCommerce

While there are many significant trends at the moment, one of the key connected vehicle commerce trends to stand out is the monetization of vehicle data by automakers. Sherry...

By Graham Jarvis


3rd August 2022

In-Car Navigation to go the Same Way as Maps

Many of us above a certain age can vividly remember when in-car mapping consisted, at best, of sheets or collections of paper. Older drivers in Los Angeles, for example,...

By Eric Volkman


27th July 2022

iPhone User Boost in Latest Volvo OTA Update

Volvo has begun the roll-out of its latest OTA software update for its vehicles with Google on-board claiming a variety of feature and quality improvements. One of the new...


16th June 2022

Apple’s CarPlay Update ‘Threatens Automaker Data Control’

Apple is aiming to take a bite out of the automotive vehicle operating system market posing commercial risks to carmakers. Its launch of the updated CarPlay, revealed at the...


27th April 2022

Continental Shows Off Private and Public Infotainment Modes

Continental claims it has developed a dynamically operating infotainment display system that can switch between private and public modes. Its Switchable Privacy Display is said to be able to...


14th April 2022

Consumers Missing Out with Automaker Driver Focused Touchscreens

Automakers’ obsessive race towards outsized interior driver focused touchscreens are depriving consumers of the best in-car experiences. That’s the view of automotive software company VNC Automotive which says the...