25th July 2019

Honda Claims AI Personal Assistant in BEV

Honda is claiming to have harnessed the power of AI for its in-car personal assistant voice controller in the BEV Honda e. It claims the all electric urban car...


15th July 2019

The Kanzi HMI toolchain brings rich 3D graphics to Android Automotive

Sponsored Content “Leading HMI tool provider Rightware presented at TU-Automotive Detroit 2019 about the future of automotive UX, with a focus on integrating third-party ecosystems into the in-car user...


24th June 2019

FCA Launches In-Car US Shopping

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has launched its version of in-car shopping that allows ordering of products and services on-the-go. The automaker’s Uconnect Market platform is similar to General Motors’ Marketplace...


18th June 2019

Design and Testing Keys to Solving Auto Tech Distraction, Says TRL

All in-cabin automotive technology has the capability to dangerously distract the modern motorist. This is the clear finding of the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) whose research into the...


14th June 2019

Voice Assistants Worse Than Drink-Driving, Study Suggests

Using in-car voice activated assistants has been questioned with latest safety research showing hands-free phone operation is as dangerous as driving above legal alcohol limits. A study by the...

13th June 2019

Faster Forward: Will Cars Run on Android?

As automakers adopt technologies including facial recognition, voice activation and artificial intelligence, will they all turn to Google Android? Yes probably, according to David Holecek, director of digital experience...


16th May 2019

Navigation? Sat’s Not Always the Way to Do It!

There’s a new smartphone app launched in the UK claiming to alert motorists of accident hotspots ahead in real-time. On the surface, this seems a must-have app especially for...


9th May 2019

BMW Launches Track Day Infotainment in M8 Coupe

The ‘driver’s’ car brand BMW has targeted track-day junkies with an infotainment system geared to help them set personal best times. It has unveiled the new display and control...


7th May 2019

Volvo’s Polestar Targets Infotainment Developers

Volvo’s premium all-electric performance sub-brand, Polestar, is targeting Android developers with its plans for future infotainment platforms. It has presented a media platform designed to encourage developers to create...


15th April 2019

Driverless Vehicles Require Cocktail of Positioning Tech

In order for autonomous cars to truly allow hands-free driving in all types of scenarios, improving sensor-based accuracy is a critical challenge to ensure the vehicles know exactly where...


22nd March 2019

Carmakers Must Take Ownership of Future In-Car User Experience

As the world’s automakers work to increase the autonomous capabilities of passenger vehicles and gear up for 5G connectivity, they will also have to reckon with changing consumer demands...


13th March 2019

Nissan Tests AR 5G Linked Tech

Nissan is conducting off-road testing of augmented reality (AR) technology, employing 5G connectivity, to provide imagery to vehicles that cannot normally be seen. The Japanese carmaker has teamed up...