14th April 2020

5G Promises Much But Can’t Answer All AV Questions

The connected, 5G future has many promises that come with big demands. As the next generation in mobile connectivity it offers the capability to process terabytes of data per...

By Graham Jarvis

23rd March 2020

Leading Cyber-Security Company Latest Member of 5GAA

A South Korean cyber-security specialist is the latest company to join the 5G automotive lobby group, the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA). Autocrypt, that specializes in security operations for C-ITS...


19th March 2020

Automakers’ Control Over Software Outweighs the Risks

As with any technology, the ability to develop software in-house means that the developer, in this case the automaker, can control the ecosystem. Additionally, systems developed in-house provide a...


12th March 2020

5G Will See C-V2X Explosion… Maybe

An automotive research body is predicting an explosion in C-V2X capability with the roll-out of 5G. However, the statement announcing a study by ABI Research based on industry opinions,...


10th March 2020

Can Voice Assistants Open On-Board Revenue Flood Gates?

Nomi is reputed to be one of the world’s most adorable in-vehicle virtual assistant. Whether you think that’s a good thing depends to a great extent on where you...

By Susan Kuchinskas


2nd March 2020

Automakers Eye Up Control of the OS

Software now controls almost everything on a modern vehicle. From obvious functions like the infotainment system, to less obvious things such as brakes and then to the mundane, such...


27th February 2020

Tested: Land Rover Discovery Sport D240 AWD – Easing Tech into Your Life

A recent UK study suggests nearly a third of motorists don’t use or understand their car’s technology. That study by the British Motor Show is broadly in line with...


20th February 2020

Kia and Hyundai’s IoT Potential Gearbox Opens Expert Driving to All

Maximus’s inspiration to his Roman troops in Gladiator, “Imagine where you will be and it will be so”, seems pertinent to Hyundai Group’s proposed internet connected gearbox and my...


11th February 2020

Autonomy Could Turn the Cabin Into a Marketplace

There has been a huge rise of in-car payments over the past half-decade. It’s now a $230Bn opportunity with 73% of American commuters connecting to the internet in some...


4th February 2020

Faster Forward: Connect Your Drive

Sponsored Content We take a ride with SiriusXM Connected Vehicle Services as they showcase their personalized solutions to enhance the in-vehicle experience, providing a simpler and safer way to...


29th January 2020

Seat Promises V2X Connectivity for New Leon

Seat has promised to include the first mass-market application of V2X technology in its new mid-segment Leon model. To be sold in hatchback and station wagon versions in the...


27th January 2020

Russian Gets Ready to Choose its Tech for V2X

In 2019, telematics manufacturer Fort Telecom had presented what it believes is the first locally engineered and produced road-side V2X unit. The device complies with the DSRC/ITS-G5 specification. It...

By Roma Nazarov