9th January 2019

Standardized Neural Networks Could Help Machine Learning

The ever increasing volume of data captured by technology continues to transform the nature and direction of business activities across the globe and the automotive sector is no different....

By Andrew Williams


24th December 2018

Honda Enters V2G Bi-Directional Charging Battle

Honda is launching its bi-directional, wireless vehicle-to-grid (V2G) energy storage system at CES 2019. The automaker has partnered with electric vehicle technology company WiTricity on development of the system....


14th December 2018

Boost For Retrofit Connectivity with Tantalum Acquisition

Retrofitting vehicle connectivity could get a boost with the announcement that connected car platform provider Tantalum is expanding with the take-over of a Swedish ecosystem operator. It has acquired...


12th December 2018

US Will Lead in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications – Study

The Juniper report projects the US will become the leading market for V2V deployments as the rollout of enabling 5G networks grows.


10th December 2018

Kymco Focused on Two-Wheel Connectivity

Connectivity is beginning to make inroads into the motor cycle market with several manufacturers boasting comprehensive infotainment packages on their range-topping cruiser tourers and large capacity adventure models. Yet,...


6th December 2018

Faster Forward Episode 9: How China Is Driving Auto Tech Momentum

As the world's largest car market, the way that China adopts new technologies, such as C-V2X and 5G, will have a significant effect on the rest of the automotive...

TU-Auto Video


3rd December 2018

On-Board Connectivity Should Be as Expected as Windscreen Wipers, Says Aeris

Connected car services will become increasingly important to consumers as carmakers install more features into new cars. That’s the opinion of Mohsen Mohseninia vice-president market development of Aeris an...


23rd November 2018

Network Automation Critical for AV Deployment, Claims Huawei

Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities across all levels of mobile networks will be required to enable all-scenario autonomous driving, according to Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. In a 30-page white paper,...


23rd November 2018

VW Digital Player Stake to Boost Service Offerings

Volkswagen is boosting its connected car potential with an investment into a digital business model specialist. The German car giant is acquiring a 49% stake in diconium, a specialist...


13th November 2018

Sprint Joins the Connected-Car Add-On Game

With Drive, Sprint joins Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T in offering products that make older cars more connected.


5th November 2018

University Turns Itself Into CV/AV Research Center

A major US public university is turning itself into a center of “mobility research and development”. Michigan State University (MSU) says it aims “to advance smart vehicle technology” with...


23rd October 2018

How Cloud Can Give Data Transfer the Edge

The transfer of data is vital to make real-time decisions in connected and autonomous vehicles. To achieve this prerequisite there is also a need to identify the best way...

By Graham Jarvis