5th June 2018

BlackBerry Joins OmniAir V2X Consortium

After joining the OmniAir Consortium, BlackBerry plans to release its security credential management system, designed for securing connected vehicles, later this year.


29th May 2018

Car Connectivity: Time to Accelerate

Car owners and drivers are starting to demand more of their connected vehicles. For automakers, it's time to offer customers more security and connectivity features now, and not wait...

Kate Migon


14th May 2018

5G Roars Ahead Thanks to NTT DoCoMo Race-Car Trials

In Japan, NTT DoCoMo is pushing the boundaries of car connectivity with 5G field trials that include vehicle's traveling over 100mph.


11th May 2018

Spirent Developing V2X Testing for Cohda’s Wireless Modules

The partnership will see Spirent's WAVE-DSRC test software applied to Cohda's hardware modules, which are designed for use on connected vehicles.


4th May 2018

Cabin tech will drive the change in cars, says Citroën

Design and use of cars will be radically changed to suit emerging technologies, Citroën’s Xavier Peugeot told Paul Myles. Technology will be the major influencer in what cars will...


30th April 2018

2018 Beijing Auto Show: BMW, VW, Nissan in the Spotlight

Many of the world's biggest automakers were at China's capital at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show earlier this month, showing off e-mobility and connected car features aimed at buyers...


26th April 2018

Toyota Expands Connected Services Subsidiary Into Europe

Toyota is focusing on mobility markets in Europe with the launch of Toyota Connected Europe, which will leverage the company's data center.


24th April 2018

Huawei, Groupe PSA Debut DS 7 Crossback Connected Car

Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant, and Groupe, Europe's second-biggest automaker, have join forces to offer connected cars to consumers. The DS 7 Crossback is their first vehicle.


18th April 2018

Tampa Project Steers Connected Cars’ Future

The Tampa Connected Vehicle Pilot uses new network technology on after-market equipment added to existing cars to potentially link all road users in a move designed to save lives,...


17th April 2018

Toyota Pledges DSRC Connected-Car System for US Vehicles in 2021

Within three years, some US Toyota drivers will be protected by DSRC radios that alert them to worrisome, real-time traffic issues such as congestion and dangerous intersections. Signals...


16th April 2018

Network Slicing, Net Neutrality & the Future of Connected Cars

The introduction of network slicing and the loosening of net neutrality rules is helping to pave the way for connected and autonomous vehicles. However, it's also creating a two-tier...


10th April 2018

Connected Cars Could Help Save Money on Parking Costs

Parking costs in the US are a major financial burden, but connected car technology could help consumers reduce costs -- and even find ways to avoid driving downtown altogether,...