13th December 2019

Ducati Sees Connectivity and ADAS as Way Forward for Bikers

ADAS and connectivity are not always the first things on the mind of a prospective motorcycle customer but they are making inroads slowly changing consumer expectations. That’s the opinion...


12th November 2019

Continental Server Concept to Connect VW’s ID. Family

Continental’s connectivity concept will be the driver of in-car communications, including OTA update,s for Volkswagen’s ID. family of BEVs. The Tier 1 giant’s electronics architecture reflects the trend away...


7th November 2019

Abuse of Connectivity Sparks Most Driver Anger

Motorists are getting more enraged by others both deploying their vehicle’s connectivity proper than any other driving misdemeanor. That’s the finding of a UK study that suggests motorists list...


7th November 2019

Telematics the Winner in BEV Boom

An expected boom in the uptake of EVs will boost the importance of telematics services and lead to greater collaboration between providers and automakers. That’s among the findings of...


16th October 2019

LG Claims World’s First Automotive V2X 5G Module

LG Innotek, part of the electronics giant LG Corporation, has claimed the world’s first automotive based on 5G module possibly paving the way to true V2X. The module, using...


8th October 2019

Automakers Seek Control in Connected Car Software

Automotive software is now seen as a primary differentiator for vehicles. Some experts think it will become even more important if autonomous vehicles become available for ride hailing. Marques...

By Susan Kuchinskas


3rd October 2019

Volvo Claims 1M Connected Car Milestone

Volvo is claiming to have delivered more than 1M connected vehicles including trucks, buses, and construction equipment. It says customers are reporting data collected through the technology has improved...


30th September 2019

Satellite Internet More Stable Than 5G for Connected Cars

Satellite internet technology is a more stable solution than 5G or LTE for connected cars, Kymeta, a US-based connectivity company, has claimed. Cellular internet connectivity can be provided from...


27th September 2019

Connected Users Could Increase Brand Loyalty, Says Ford

Connectivity could increase a consumer’s bond with a brand even more than the sculptured sheet metal of the cars themselves. This is the opinion of Ford of Europe’s John...


26th September 2019

One-in-Five Support Russian Government Owning Vehicle Data

Defining data ownership has become a burning question this year in Russia. Authorities pushing forward with Autodata – a project of creating a nation-wide holistic database of vehicle and...

By Roma Nazarov


18th September 2019

Carmakers Seek Revenues as Software Providers

Automakers are joining the ranks of software providers in a bid to take a slice of the data cake the connected car can provide. That’s the opinion of Cubic...


5th September 2019

Tires Start Catch-Up With Connected Car

Tires are joining the data gathering sensor array of future vehicles as one of a vehicle’s most crucial moving parts. That’s the strategy of Finnish tire manufacturer Nokian which...