07 Dec 2018

Samsung to Develop AV Test Zone Infrastructure

Samsung is partnering with a transport organization to develop the infrastructure for K-City, South Korea’s autonomous vehicle technology testing zone. The tech giant is joining forces with the Korea...


04 Dec 2018

Tesla Incident Shows the Challenges of Stopping a Driverless Car

A recent incident with a driver asleep at the wheel of his Tesla running on Autopilot shows how dangerous self-driving vehicle can be to others.


29 Nov 2018

JV Launches, Promises Cockpit Remodeling for AVs

An automotive tech company is partnering with an electronics maker to remodel vehicle cockpits for self-driving. Faurecia and HELLA have launched “a strategic partnership” to provide internal lighting for...


19 Nov 2018

BMW, Ericsson & Vodafone Pushing C-V2X Adoption in EU

A group of tech, telecom and auto heavyweights are lobbying the European Union to adopt C-V2X technology in the coming years.


16 Nov 2018

Hyundai Targets Commercial Assets From Drones

Hyundai is ramping up its commercial autonomous vehicle strategy by extending its reach into hybrid-electric unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). It has announced a strategic partnership with Boston’s Top Flight...


14 Nov 2018

Škoda Drone Keeps Tabs on Stock-Taking

Škoda is taking to the air with an autonomous drone being used to help its stock-taking efforts. A robotic drone is being tested at the Czech carmaker’s Mladá Boleslav plant...


12 Nov 2018

Hyundai Launching R&D Center in Silicon Valley

Hyundai component-making unit Hyundai Mobis is opening its first research and development center, M.Cube, in Silicon Valley. The automaker says it plans to use M.Cube as a base to...


08 Nov 2018

FCC Tests Suggest WiFi Can Coexist With DSRC Car Networks

The debate over the future of vehicle-to-everything communications got a little more interesting this week when the FCC showed the DRSC can coexist with WiFi on the same spectrum...


07 Nov 2018

C-V2X’s Momentum in China May Drive Connected-Car Development

Demonstrations happening in China may point the way toward how cars will communicate with each other starting as soon as next year. Qualcomm Technologies announced November 5 that it...


05 Nov 2018

MIT’s Reimer: Level 5 AVs “Centuries” Off Purchasability

Greg Hyde talks to respected autonomous vehicle expert Bryan Reimer of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In an exclusive TU-Automotive interview, Dr Reimer, a research scientist at MIT’s AgeLab and...


29 Oct 2018

LiDAR Maker Claims First “Level 4+” System

A technology company is launching a product it claims is “the world’s first image-grade LiDAR system” capable of supporting “Level 4+” autonomous driving. Innovusion is making Cheetah, a system...


25 Oct 2018

AAA: ADAS Systems Could Drive Up Vehicle Repair Costs

A new study from AAA finds ADAS can add an extra $3,000 in repair costs, thanks to sensors and cameras that require specific parts and expertise.