10 Aug 2018

Renovo, HERE Agree Partnership

Two auto tech giants are joining forces to accelerate development of future autonomous vehicle infotainment products and services. Californian mobility software technology company Renovo and Dutch mapping and location...


10 Aug 2018

Apple Files Patent for AR Windshield

Apple has filed a patent for an augmented reality (AR) -powered windshield system that many in the crossover between auto and gaming technology will see as a game-changer. According to...


09 Aug 2018

Luxoft Inks Deal for ADAS Developer Objective Software

Luxoft, the system integration and development partner for more than 30 automotive OEMs, snaps up Objective Software, a Germany-based ADAS platform developer.


07 Aug 2018

Current ACC Too “Dangerous” for Road, Say Insurers

A study has found current adaptive cruise control (ACC) technology is unsafe for consumers. The report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) tested several premium car manufacturers’ products concluding some were...


02 Aug 2018

Tesla Readies ‘Onramp to Offramp’ for Autopilot & Promises Profit

During its second-quarter earnings call, Tesla engineers offered numerous updates on the company's technology roadmap, including Autopilot, while CEO Elon Musk promises more profits in the months ahead.


30 Jul 2018

ADAS Features Still Leave Consumers Nervous

A Strategy Analytics report finds consumers are still wary about driver assistance systems that could help them park their cars.


27 Jul 2018

Audi Q3 SUV Boasts ADAS Features, Digital Instrument Cluster

The Audi Q3 SUV comes with a long list of optional features designed to connect and protect drivers, including braking assist technology and smartphone chargers.


18 Jul 2018

Carmakers Link Models Over C-V2X in Europe

A group of car makers demonstrated the viability of C-V2X technology in Europe last week to show how connected and autonomous cars can take advantage of the advent of...


11 Jul 2018

Feds Won’t Pick Winners With AV Rules, Transportation Chief Says

While the public wants the federal government to regulate autonomous and self-driving vehicles, US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao told an audience this week that the Trump administration won't pick...


21 Jun 2018

US Cracks Down on Device That Fools Tesla Autopilot

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has banned US sales of a product that tricks Tesla's Autopilot feature into believing that a driver's hands are still on the steering...


19 Jun 2018

Apple Hires Top Waymo Engineer to Boost Self-Driving Car Efforts

Apple has made a strategic hire by poaching a top Waymo engineer, Jaime Waydo, to help bolster its own self-driving car efforts.


14 Jun 2018

Tesla’s Musk Promises Autopilot Upgrade for August

Tesla could use some good PR right about now, leading CEO Elon Musk to Twitter to tell the world about an August Autopilot update.