4th January 2023

Qualcomm Launches New ADAS Feature at CES

Qualcomm has launched another feature to its Snapdragon ADAS platform allowing a variety of mission critical and non-critical function to exist on a single microprocessor. Unveiled today at 2023...


25th April 2022

Collision Avoiding ADAS being Developed by Nissan

Nissan claims it is developing ADAS that could automatically perform collision-avoidance maneuvers without input from the driver. The automaker’s “ground truth perception” technology fuses information from high-performance LiDAR, radar...


21st April 2022

Cupra Born Focused on Vulnerable Road Users

Cupra’s city-focused BEV, the Born, is hoping to help reduce driver stress levels in streets populated by pedestrians and cyclists. It will feature ADAS specifically tailored to protect the...

3rd February 2022

Another Tesla Recall Now for Rolling Through Stop Signs

Tesla has announced another recall of vehicles, this time for software that allows them to roll through stop signs. Following on from its recall of nearly half a million...


24th January 2022

Weekly Brief: US Insurers Pop the Bubble of ADAS Safety Claims

Advanced driver assistance systems got a rude wake-up call last week from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. IIHS is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides safety ratings for...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


7th January 2022

Consumer Automotive Safety Rating to Enhance CAV Uptake

Thatcham Research and Zenzic are developing a consumer safety rating, which they hope will be adopted by Euro NCAP. The organizations have worked on safety testing for 25 years....

By Graham Jarvis


26th November 2021

Toyota Packages ADAS as a ‘Mate’

Toyota is rolling all its ADAS technologies into a single branded package called Toyota T-Mate in a bid to help consumers better understand the benefits being offered. Several studies...


25th April 2021

Autonomous Vehicle Safety: Pedestrian Detection in the Spotlight

Intellias has released a report on how technology can enhance pedestrian detection to ensure autonomous vehicle safety within populated urban environments.


5th November 2020

Ford’s Automated Steering to Avoid Bling-Spot Swipes

Ford has linked its existing blind-spot detection and collision automated steering functions to mitigate accidents involving a side-swipe. The new feature is aimed at the situation where a driver,...


7th October 2020

Ducati Fires Up Production of World’s First Full Radar Bike

Ducati has begun mass production of its as yet unseen Multistrada V4 adventure tourer boasting a world first with radar sensors front and back. This technology not only brings...


16th May 2019

Nissan Claims Hands-Off Single-Lane Cruising in Next Gen ADAS

Nissan has unveiled its next-generation ADAS suite claiming it will be hands-off autonomous capable in single-lane situations, where regulations allow. The system, named ProPilot, will be available in Japan...


10th May 2019

Platooning MAN Trucks Claim Fuel Savings But Driver Interventions

MAN Trucks says its highway platooning trials have shown fuel savings of up to 4% but with drivers having to intervene every 1,240 miles. While the automaker claims to...