Autonomous Vehicles

17th February 2023

Why Smart Cities need More Than Just Autonomous Vehicles

Cities aren’t just about one thing. There are many aspects of life in the city, and transport is but one of them. That’s why it’s suggested that smart cities...

By Graham Jarvis

17th February 2023

Tesla Agrees to Mass US Recall over Full Self-Driving Fears

As predicted earlier this year, Tesla has been forced into a mass recall of its vehicles over regulator concerns for the safety of owners using its Full Self-Driving (FSD)...


3rd February 2023

Polestar 5 to get Latest Gen Long Range LiDAR

Polestar’s upcoming four-door grand tourer BEV will feature Luminar’s latest generation LiDAR as part of its sensor suite. The automaker has announced that the two companies are expanding their...


2nd February 2023

Sensible 4 Claims Proven Driverless Tech in Artic Conditions

Autonomous technology specialist Sensible 4 claims a world first in proving its automated driving systems worked in a long-term trial within the Artic Circle. The trial, spanning three seasons,...


1st February 2023

UK Push for First Autonomous Hydrogen Powered Truck

Hydrogen power for commercial vehicles received a boost in the UK with a government grant hoping to see the launch of the world’s first fuel cell autonomous heavy goods...


24th January 2023

Bosch Plans Global Automated Valet Parking Expansion

Bosch is expanding the access to automated valet parking now that its systems have been approved for commercial use at Stuttgart airport. The automotive supplier giant with connected parking...


19th January 2023

Volvo Piles Funds into Autonomous Truck Tech Company

Volvo has invested into a Canadian technology company specializing in developing systems for autonomous trucks. Its investment wing, Volvo Group Venture Capital, is putting money into Waabi Innovation, highlighting...


18th January 2023

Tesla’s Autonomous Driving Capabilities ‘Staged’, Engineer Says

An autonomous driving senior engineer at Tesla has said its video promoting self-driving capabilities of the Autopilot system had been staged by the automaker. Reuters reports that the video...


13th January 2023

Connected Autonomous Vehicles will Evolve the Digital Economy

With a growing data influx from connected and autonomous vehicles, automakers their partners and third-party organisations are  looking to develop connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs) as a key platform for...

By Graham Jarvis


10th January 2023

Mass Tesla Autopilot Recall Ramps Up

Prospects of a widespread recall of Tesla cars over issues with its Autopilot automated drive system have increased as regulators say investigations are proceeding “really fast”. Reuters reports that...


4th January 2023

Qualcomm Launches New ADAS Feature at CES

Qualcomm has launched another feature to its Snapdragon ADAS platform allowing a variety of mission critical and non-critical function to exist on a single microprocessor. Unveiled today at 2023...


2nd January 2023

Volvo Doubles Down on Autonomous Tech

Volvo is doubling down on driverless technology by announcing it has taken 100% ownership of its autonomous driving software development subsidiary Zenseact. The move, reported by Reuters, is almost...