Autonomous Vehicles

9th June 2022

Old Fashioned Trust Still Biggest Challenge to Connected Autonomous Vehicles

Thales says, globally, there will be 75 million vehicles with autonomous capabilities by 2035. However, to reassure the users of the vehicles, as well as to increase uptake of...

By Graham Jarvis


6th June 2022

Weekly Brief: Robo-Taxi War Gears Up While Tesla Winds Down

Cruise is ready to commercialize. After nine years of research, development and piloting autonomous vehicle technology, the start-up announced last week that it will begin charging the general public...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


3rd June 2022

Autonomous Trial by Sensible 4 to Start in Tokyo

Finnish autonomous driving company Sensible 4 will be running trials of its technology in Japan following the opening of its Tokyo office. The company known for successful driverless shuttle...


26th May 2022

Williams Backing Driverless Tech Disrupter

The investment collaboration outfit supported by Formula One’s Williams team has announced a £1M ($1.25M) investment in an autonomous driving company hoping to accelerate adoption of the technology. So...


25th May 2022

Creating the Driverless Car’s Interior

Privately owned autonomous cars remain science fiction for the foreseeable future but purpose-built self-driving shuttles and taxis are on the road today. New design thinking is reinventing their cabin...

By Susan Kuchinskas


11th May 2022

ADAS Rating Reveals Speed of Technology Change, NCAP

Automotive crash-test organization, Euro NCAP, has announced its latest tests of current ADAS technologies revealing how fast the systems’ capabilities are changing. Its test of four vehicles reveals that...


11th May 2022

Longest Range Robust LiDAR Claimed by Quanergy

A new automotive LiDAR sensor is claiming the furthest range so far, able to detect objects of interest 250 meters (273 yards) away. Quanergy Systems says its Optical Phased...


6th May 2022

Bad Weather Still the Main Issue for Driverless Tech Sensors?

Sensing technology is the powerful tool that gives vision to next-generation automobiles. Equipped with a device array anchored by LiDAR and video cameras, the average advanced vehicle of today...

By Eric Volkman


4th May 2022

Volkswagen Chooses Qualcomm to Boost Level 4 Potential

Volkswagen’s software arm has turned to Qualcomm Technologies to help boost its driverless technology capabilities. The automaker’s software company, CARIAD (contorted from CAR, IA m Digital), has announced today...


3rd May 2022

Driverless Kitted Toyotas ‘Handled Artic Snow Storms’

An autonomous driving technology company is claiming its systems can cope with the worst that winter Artic conditions can through at it. Sensible 4 says it has carried out...


25th April 2022

Collision Avoiding ADAS being Developed by Nissan

Nissan claims it is developing ADAS that could automatically perform collision-avoidance maneuvers without input from the driver. The automaker’s “ground truth perception” technology fuses information from high-performance LiDAR, radar...


21st April 2022

Cupra Born Focused on Vulnerable Road Users

Cupra’s city-focused BEV, the Born, is hoping to help reduce driver stress levels in streets populated by pedestrians and cyclists. It will feature ADAS specifically tailored to protect the...