22nd July 2020

Semi-Autonomous Retrofit Claiming Fleet Savings

Fuel economy is a strong selling point with vehicle automation systems, thinks Andrey Vavilin, co-founder and CEO at AV start-up BaseTracK. With this presumption in mind, the developer undertakes...

By Roma Nazarov


26th June 2020

Oxbotica Plans Driverless by Deepfake

Autonomous driving specialist Oxbotica is continuing its plundering of gaming technology turning to “deepfake” to advance its driverless program. The company, born out of the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group...


24th June 2020

Mercedes to Rollout Nvidia Driverless Platform

Mercedes-Benz plans to rollout Nvidia’s autonomous driving software platform across its entire fleet starting in 2024. The automaker says the two companies have been working together to develop what...


22nd June 2020

Weekly Brief: Ford’s Hands-Free Assistance a Litmus Test for Autonomous

Ford has announced its long-anticipated hands-free technology will debut on the 2021 all-electric Mustang Mach-E, which hits dealership floors in late 2020. Unfortunately, Active Drive Assist won’t be released...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


18th June 2020

ADAS Revenues Pave the Way to a Driverless Future

While the near-term prospects for Level 4 and above driverless technology seem to be receding, automakers are cashing in on the revenue streams offered by current ADAS technology. That’s...


11th June 2020

Heavy Industry First to Adopt Driverless Tech

While most automakers have come to accept that fully autonomous marketable passenger cars are some decades away, it’s the area of heavy industry that can see an earlier adoption...


21st May 2020

Data Farming Touted as AV Simulation Breakthrough

A UK automotive graphics specialist is claiming a breakthrough to cut the costs of autonomous vehicle testing using ‘data farming’. The company, rFpro, claims to have developed a means...


7th May 2020

Volvo to Roll-Out Roof Integrated LiDAR

Volvo plans to make its LiDAR sensor array a standard fixture on many future models by integrating it into its models’ roofline. The Swedish automaker is partnering with sensor...


6th May 2020

Gamers Helping Oxbotica’s Autonomous Push

Autonomous technology specialist Oxbotica has turned to the gaming world to accelerate development of its automated driving software. Game developers known for their work with flight simulators, racing games...


29th April 2020

Russia Claims First Retrofit Driverless Truck Tech

Russian truck-maker Kamaz is claiming the world’s first retrofit autonomous driving system for heavy-duty vehicles. The manufacturer presented teaser shots, a video clip and a brief description of the...

By Roma Nazarov


3rd April 2020

Volvo to Focus on AV Software Development

Volvo has decided to move its autonomous technology focus towards developing the software required to make it a reality. Its strategy was revealed with the splitting of its 50;50...


2nd April 2020

Bosch Claims AV Shuttles That Solve Problems

Bosch claims it has developed an autonomous shuttle that can fault check itself when on-board systems fail. The automotive supply giant says its Project 3F delivers “driverless and fault-tolerant...