16th December 2019

Bosch Claims Driver Monitoring to Aid AV Handover

Bosch says it has developed an in-cab driver monitoring system featuring cameras and artificial intelligence (AI). It uses a camera mounted in the steering wheel to detect driver behavior...


9th December 2019

Mercedes-Benz Trials Luxury US Driverless Airport Shuttles

Mercedes-Benz will use autonomously converted versions of its flagship S-Class to trial an airport shuttle service in the US. The pilot program, run with technology supplied by Bosch, will...


5th December 2019

5G Infrastructure Alliance Best Hope for Driverless Application

A move by cellular infrastructure companies to push for global standards for 5G could be the technology’s best chance of running mission critical systems in driverless cars. Launched by...


8th November 2019

BlackBerry Extends ADAS and AV Reach with Hyundai

BlackBerry continues extending its reach into mass market automotive ADAS and autonomous system in its latest partnership with Hyundai. The company’s QNX OS software has been chosen by Hyundai...


30th October 2019

Russian AV Developers Start Collaboration With Hyundai

Hyundai’s parts-and-service arm, Hyundai Mobis, is running its own independent self-driving project M.Billy with a plan to launch robo-taxi services in several Russian smart cities by 2020. No doubt,...

By Roma Nazarov


28th October 2019

Cognitive Technologies Claims World First AV Harvester

A Russian driverless vehicle company is claiming the first market ready autonomous combined harvester. Cognitive Technologies’ ADS Agrodroid retrofit system was put through its paces in front of international...

By Roma Nazarov


24th October 2019

AV London Trial Takes On The ‘Burbs

A consortium running autonomous vehicle trials in London have extended the pilot into the most challenging streets yet – the suburbs. As a born-and-bred city resident, I can attest...


22nd October 2019

PSA and FCA Face Losing Out in Driverless Race

Data researchers are claiming the PSA Group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) could be the big losers in bringing autonomous products to market. A study by Ptolemus Consulting Group,...


14th October 2019

Simple Driverless Hardware Choices Yet to be Settled

Some simple but serious strategic decisions over hardware for driverless vehicles have yet to be properly settled. That’s the opinion of Sandeep Sovani, director, global automotive industry, at Ansys...

By Graham Jarvis


11th October 2019

Toyota’s Latest BEV Urban AV Concept Unveiled

Toyota has released details of its latest iteration of an urban personal mobility solution in the shape of its LQ concept. The car will be shown at the 2019...


10th October 2019

Engineers Claim AV Collision Safety Mitigation

University engineers claim to have developed decision-making and motion-planning technology to mitigate injuries and damage when driverless vehicles crash. While the first rule for the AV crash-mitigation technology is...


1st October 2019

Breakthrough in V2X For Driverless Cars Claimed

A GPS positioning specialist is claiming a breakthrough in V2X technology that can position an autonomous vehicle within two centimeters when in underground locations or GPS ‘canyons’. Racelogic claims...