20th December 2018

ADAS Building Favor Among Carbuyers, Says Continental

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are proving popular despite warnings from auto safety organizations concerning consumer confusion over the limitations of the technology. A study, commission by component maker...

Report by Nathan Eddy and Greg Hyde


18th December 2018

BASF Colors Brighten Lidar’s Ability to Better See Vehicles

In releasing a new line of car paints for 2018-2019, BASF believes that certain hues will help Lidar better detect autonomous and other vehicles.


14th December 2018

Toyota Invests in Virtual AV Software Dev Parallel Domain

Investment in software development for virtual autonomous vehicle testing continues apace, with Toyota backing startup Parallel Domain.


13th December 2018

Denso Banks on Heated Sensors For Ice-Able Autonomous Tech

A new licensing agreement signed by electronics giant Denso is claiming to advance the chances of driverless vehicles coping in ice and snow conditions. Finland’s touchscreen and 3D film...


Hyundai, Netradyne Partner on HD Mapping & Navigation
5th December 2018

Hyundai, Netradyne Partner on HD Mapping & Navigation

Hyundai and Netradyne believe that advanced navigation capabilities are critical to advancing autonomous driving, with crowd-sourced information a central component.


28th November 2018

Volvo Claims Most Advanced LiDAR Tech

Volvo claims the LiDAR autonomous sensing technology it showcased at the LA Auto Show is the world’s most advanced system yet developed. The carmaker, in league with LiDAR specialist...


21st November 2018

LiDAR Start-up Claims 1km Object Tracking Range

A LiDAR specialist is claiming its sensor technology is now able to recognize and track moving objects more than a kilometer away. Silicon Valley start-up AEye, which develops LiDAR...


3rd October 2018

NXP Looks to Develop ADAS Tech With New Platform

NXP, which has been developing silicon for the automotive industry, is now one of the first companies to create processors that are specifically optimized for processing radar signals in...


27th September 2018

ARM Zeroes In On Safety With CPU for AVs

ARM's is calling its newly released Cortex-A76AE chip the first in a series of self-driving processors designed for autonomous vehicles and safety.


21st September 2018

Driverless Trucks to Start Work With PSA

PSA Group will start using driverless vehicles to carry out logistics duties at its production headquarters in France. In a collaboration with autonomous vehicle specialist EasyMile, PSA has trialed...


19th September 2018

Mapping to Remain Vital Part of Auto Tech Industry

Where are you right now? Whatever the answer, your location is nearly 100% certain to be available on a digital map. Our increasingly data-heavy world, matched with real-time applications...

By Eric Volkman


14th September 2018

Cheap AV Launched, with Eyes on Self-Construction

A robotics start-up is launching an autonomous vehicle aimed at less wealthy consumers, with the suggestion that it can provide build-your-own AVs in future. PerceptIn, a Santa Clara company...